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ORGANIZE IT! is a professional organizing service supporting individuals, businesses, and residential clients to organize their lives, homes, offices, and companies. Dorothy Madden, professional organizer, offers individual consultations and training, hands-on organizing, and on-going coaching.

Where did it go?
When people see before-and-after pictures, the question often arises, “Where did all the clutter go?” Great question! One of the secrets to successful organizing is to assign a home for everything you own. My clients and I make decisions about everything—what to keep, what to toss, what to give away—and then we assign homes for everything they keep.

Yes, but can they maintain it?
Another great question! As you might guess, once everything has a home, cleaning up after yourself is easy. Just put it where it belongs and you’re done. ORGANIZE IT! teaches clients how to make decisions, assign homes, and provides simple maintenance techniques.

Challenge: The owner of this office is in the financial industry and was overwhelmed with paper, books, time management issues, business and volunteer commitments.
Solution: We created a plan for organizing his actions, as well as his paper and books. He began utilizing a computer calendar and PDA for his meetings and things to do. We color-coded a system for individual client files.
Result: He is significantly more productive and relaxed today.

Before ... After ...
Messy Corporate Office
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Organized Corporate Office
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Challenge: The owner of this office is at the executive level. Her office was crowded, cluttered, and lacked storage. She wanted a comfortable space to read, better lighting, and a cozier atmosphere.
Solution: We exchanged her desk for a smaller desk, donated some of the books, bought a large lateral file cabinet and created a user-friendly filing system, installed shelving, bought a comfortable loveseat, a bright floor lamp, and some plants.
Result: She now spends her time in an office that is inviting, organized, and bright.

Before ... After ...
Cluttered College Office
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Organized College Office
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Challenge: The owner of this home office is in the medical field. Much of what he kept at home belonged in his main off-site medical office. Being a tall man, his furniture was too small and inappropriate. He wanted help with paper management and supply storage.
Solution: He took the professional materials to his main office. He donated the small furniture and purchased an L-shaped desk. We created a financial and personal filing system and reorganized his supply closet.
Result: He enjoys working in the new space and knows where to put papers and supplies so that he can find them when he needs them.

Before ... After ...
Cluttered Home Office
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Organized Home Office
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Challenge: The owner of this home was using her dining room for projects and storage. She was embarrassed to have people in.
Solution: We tossed and found homes for all the papers and projects.
Result: She reclaimed her lovely dining room and enjoys entertaining guests.

Before ... After ...
Messy Dining Room
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Organized Dining Room
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Challenge: The kitchen was cluttered and the counters were used for storage. It was unpleasant for the entire family to start each day being greeted with the disorganization.
Solution: We donated unused and unnecessary items. All the rest of the items were placed logically with like things together in the cupboards.
Result: The kitchen is now organized and they can find what they need and use. It is relaxing and inviting place for cooking, eating, and being together.

Before ... After ...
Messy Kitchen
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Organized Kitchen
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