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NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers

 NAPO Golden Circle


ORGANIZE IT! is a professional organizing service supporting individuals, businesses, and residential clients to organize their lives, homes, offices, and companies. Dorothy Madden, professional organizer, offers individual consultations and training, hands-on organizing, and on-going coaching.

Dorothy has made a positive, lasting difference in hundreds of lives and organizations. Executives, homemakers, business owners, employees, physicians, attorneys, financial planners, executive directors, pastors, mothers, fathers, teachers, retirees, and many others have benefited from less clutter and stress, more time, and efficient storage.

Madden has helped a wide variety of corporations, colleges, hospitals, law firms, medical offices, schools, non-profit agencies, small businesses, real estate, public service, media, and financial firms.

OFFICES Organized by Dorothy Madden
"I am having a WONDERFUL time with my office organizing - thank you so much for ALL your help. This was one of the very best things I have done to help myself .....ever!!!  I feel so much more organized. You were genius - an amazing and terrific resource. I would never have imagined how much the information you gave me would change my view on filing. I may become a filing addict in the future - as time permits! Already I have found myself accessing things more easily - wow, it is all just incredible. Thank you so much."
Dentist, Owner of multiple businesses, Author

"Once I reflected upon the victory I achieved in my home with Dorothy’s assistance, I asked her to help me with my office. She completely transformed my office space into a far more organized and efficient area. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you, Dorothy, for the magic you have worked! I finally feel like I can actually relax and enjoy the more important aspects of life."
Senior Vice President, General Manager



RESIDENCES Organized by Dorothy Madden
"Society tells us diamonds are forever. A better lifetime investment for me is Dorothy Madden. Her training has saved me time and given me freedom."

"Thank you for helping me clear the clutter from my home and my mind so that I could focus on a fresh start and embark on my job search. Your organizing tutelage was invaluable to me in getting my career going. You are an absolute gem, Dorothy. Thank you a million times for your help!"
Senior Consultant