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NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers

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ORGANIZE IT! is a professional organizing service supporting individuals, businesses, and residential clients to organize their lives, homes, offices, and companies. Dorothy Madden, professional organizer, offers individual consultations and training, hands-on organizing, and on-going coaching.

A powerful Greek proverb states, “The beginning is half of every action.” These few words are the cornerstone of ORGANIZE IT! When you pick up the phone, it’s a beginning. When you welcome professional organizer Dorothy Madden of Rochester, New York for the first time, it’s a beginning. When you and Dorothy make decisions together about your clutter, your papers, or your time, it’s a beginning.

ORGANIZE IT! has helped hundreds of clients begin, the most important action for organizing their offices, their homes, and their lives.

When you make the decision to get organized, ORGANIZE IT! will help you:
  • Alleviate stress and gain more control
  • Eliminate clutter and simplify your life
  • Reduce procrastination and become more effective and efficient
  • Streamline procedures and increase productivity
  • Get organized and save time and money

So where do you begin? You begin by acknowledging that what you’ve been doing is no longer working for you. You begin by knowing you want to change. You begin by being open to new ways of getting organized. Read ORGANIZE IT! home office or individual client testimonials to get ideas on what to change for the most impact.

How do you begin? You begin by inviting Dorothy Madden to see how you work in your office and in your home. You let her know what you like and don’t like about your space and how you operate. You let her know what your organizing challenges are.

What does an appointment look like? An initial appointment is usually four hours, during which time we take a tour, do some teaching, and have time for hands-on organizing. Together we may reduce clutter, organize papers, create better ways to manage your time, or make a list of projects you can do on your own. At the end of the appointment, you decide if you have accomplished your goals or if you would like to schedule more time together.