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Get Control of Your Day with 5 Tips

Democrat & Chronicle, 7/2/12
Dorothy Madden

Time — we do so many things with it. We find, lose, manage, waste, make, save, kill, cherish, pass, juggle and spend time.

Mostly, we just never have enough of it. So it’s best if we utilize it in the smartest, most efficient ways we can.

Having enough time for work, family, friends and yourself is a challenge. However, for your health and well-being, it is worth finding ways to make it happen. Here are a few techniques.

Get organized. Assign places for everything. When your space is organized, you find what you need when you need it and it is pleasant and functional.

Schedule your day. There are a variety of electronic and paper calendars available. Find a calendar that works for you and write down your top three to five priorities to accomplish each day.

Set a timer. Time evaporates and the best way to contain it is to use a timer. Set it throughout your day to start, stop, and stay on task.

Delegate. It may seem smarter, better, faster for you to do it all. However, if you can delegate to others, your time spent training them will be well worth it.

Be accountable. Promise yourself to be watchful of your time at work so you have time for family, friends and yourself. Then share that promise with others. Let them know you want their help with balancing your life. Give them permission to kindly remind you of your promise.

Utilize time wisely and carefully, acknowledging that it ticks by quickly. As Charles Buxton said, “You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”