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Lower Stress, Be Productive....Get Organized

Democrat & Chronicle, 3/9/10
Dorothy Madden

Have you seen your desk lately? Are you drowning in paper? Do the piles on your floor create a safety hazard? Do you have hundreds of e-mails waiting to be processed? If you’re buried in piles of files, stray papers, and endless e-mails, you’re not alone.

According to Boston Globe’s Jane Von Bergen, 30 percent of employees’ time is spent trying to find lost documents. Searching for lost documents wastes valuable time, energy and money. Productivity plummets. So what motivates people to get organized?

The desire to become better organized, mostly comes from within. You may realize your information or time management systems are just not working and you’re tired of being unproductive. You feel overwhelmed starting each day with piles surrounding you. You would like to project your best professional image with clients and potential clients. You want to lower your stress level and work on your highest priorities. You are ready to change!

Occasionally the motivation to get organized comes from external sources.

Perhaps your annual review indicates a need for better organization, believing it will help the company’s bottom line. You may be more organized at work because your paycheck depends on your productivity, and increased productivity might lead to a promotion.

Some companies host an annual De-Accessioning Day when employees come dressed to sort and make decisions about what to keep, archive or recycle. Snacks and beverages are provided and music can be heard all around. It’s a lively time, with a shredding truck or recycling dumpster on site.

Whatever your motivation is for getting organized, this new decade presents a new opportunity for change as well as an opportunity to find what you need when you need it and to stop wasting time looking for lost things.