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Make Organization a High Priority

Democrat and Chronicle, 5/21/05
Lisa Hutchurson, Staff Writer

simplify your lifeMaryLee Bucci chronicled her progress in organizing her enclosed porch in Webster. Here are some excerpts of the conclusions she came to in the process:

"You really have to decide it's a high priority. (I spent) four-hour chunks of time spread over three weeks. This is time I would've grocery shopped, picked up birthday gifts, etc. ... The plus side is if you make it a high priority, then the daunting task is done completely and then only a small amount of time needs to be set aside to keep it organized and working, and that's where you gain extra time for yourself."

"If you're not lucky enough to have Dorothy Madden come to your home as I have, then possibly enlisting the help of a good friend who also needs to organize might be a good way to get it done. Do one room in her house together and one room in your house to keep each other focused and company until the houses are organized."

"Making an appointment with yourself is important. After doing that, you need to commit the hours and stay with it until it's done, no matter how long it takes to fit in the hours needed."

"Lastly, it needs to be done your way. Dorothy could've come in and done the job herself and I would've loved the look, but I wouldn't have been able to keep it that way."

Reprinted with the permission of the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY