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ORGANIZE IT Brings Organizing Solutions to Chaotic Lives, 7/10/10
Sinea Pies

Dorothy MaddenImagine. You’ve just walked into your office and, oh no, it’s just the way you left it when you ran out of time and sped out the door last evening! Papers piled everywhere! Post-its are tacked onto piles to help you find your way but it’s not working! You’re running late for a meeting and must get your hands on that all-important report NOW! But where is it?

Sound all too familiar? Wouldn’t it be nice to step into a different scenario? The office is just the way you left it the night before when you left work, on time, not in a rush, all work complete and well done. It’s neat, tidy and you can see lots of desktop space. That extremely important report is sitting right there, waiting for a great meeting first thing in the morning! Now, that’s the way to live!

Most of us know the difference that being organized would make. Knowing it, however, and doing it are two totally different things! So, how do we stop the rat race long enough to get a grip on this chaos and turn it around?

In an inspired 2009 Democrat and Chronicle article, professional organizer Dorothy Madden describes those first important steps that can help you get your office (or home) in proper working order. Dorothy, founder and owner of ORGANIZE IT in Rochester, New York, is an expert at helping people in both the business and private sectors to organize their lives and be efficient. Efficient = stress free. Stress free is good, very good!

Whether it is space planning, time management, paper management, developing better information systems or simply getting rid of the clutter, Dorothy will advise you, even give hands-on help, in clearing up the mess! Is your office buried in paper? Do you regularly lose precious time looking for that elusive document that you “ just had just a few minutes ago”? Life just isn’t supposed to be this way. It’s time to declutter and put some peace in your surroundings. Enter: Dorothy!

In her article, Dorothy Madden lists four key points to getting started at getting things back in control:

“Identify your greatest organizing challenge. Are you inundated with paper? Is your space crowded and inefficient? Are you wasting time? By identifying your greatest organizing challenge, you'll know where to begin.

Set aside the time. Once you schedule the time to work on an organizing task, it will get done.

Plan and prioritize. Planning enables you to spend time on the things you perceive to be most important to the success of your business. Set daily priorities, as well as long-term priorities.

Avoid procrastination and perfectionism. Break down your project into small pieces and schedule time to do each one. Do the hardest or most unpleasant tasks first, knowing they're necessary for accomplishing your goals. Perfectionism forces you to spend more time on a task than it may deserve. Determine ahead of time your standard of ‘good enough.’”1.

So, don’t worry about catching up. Start right where you are today, follow these points and put yourself on a path to freedom. If you need some help, call Dorothy Madden!

1. “Take Time to Plan, Prioritize, Organize” by Dorothy Madden Democrat & Chronicle, 10/25/09

You can contact professional organizer, Dorothy Madden, at: 585.381.5511 phone email.