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Take Time to Plan, Prioritize, Organize

Democrat & Chronicle, 10/25/09
Dorothy Madden

Happy New Year! The leaves are turning and it's not snowing, so why are we celebrating a new year now? Autumn launches a new year for children returning to school as well as for business people who have taken a bit of vacation to enjoy summer.

You may look at the beginning of a new year as an opportunity for a fresh start and a time to evaluate your goals. Consider what you want to accomplish, then generate specific strategies and actions to execute your goals. If getting yourself and your business better organized is one of your goals, here are some techniques that might work for you:

Identify your greatest organizing challenge. Are you inundated with paper? Is your space crowded and inefficient? Are you wasting time? By identifying your greatest organizing challenge, you'll know where to begin.

Set aside the time. Once you schedule the time to work on an organizing task, it will get done.

Plan and prioritize. Planning enables you to spend time on the things you perceive to be most important to the success of your business. Set daily priorities, as well as long-term priorities.

Avoid procrastination and perfectionism. Break down your project into small pieces and schedule time to do each one. Do the hardest or most unpleasant tasks first, knowing they're necessary for accomplishing your goals. Perfectionism forces you to spend more time on a task than it may deserve. Determine ahead of time your standard of "good enough."