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NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers

 NAPO Golden Circle


Offices Organized by Dorothy Madden

"I am having a WONDERFUL time with my office organizing - thank you so much for ALL your help. This was one of the very best things I have done to help myself .....ever!!!  I feel so much more organized. You were genius - an amazing and terrific resource. I would never have imagined how much the information you gave me would change my view on filing. I may become a filing addict in the future - as time permits! Already I have found myself accessing things more easily - wow, it is all just incredible. Thank you so much."
Dentist, Owner of multiple businesses, Author

"Once I reflected upon the victory I achieved in my home with Dorothy’s assistance, I asked her to help me with my office. She completely transformed my office space into a far more organized and efficient area. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you, Dorothy, for the magic you have worked! I finally feel like I can actually relax and enjoy the more important aspects of life."
Senior Vice President, General Manager

"Dorothy Madden and ORGANIZE IT! have been a lifesaver to me both personally and professionally. I used to spend hours hunting for misplaced items. With Dorothy's help, not only can I find my desk - I actually have room to work on it! I have saved both time and money since implementing the new systems. I gladly recommend ORGANIZE IT! to anyone who is serious in their desire to get rid of the chaos in their lives."
Health Educator

"With a gentle, thoughtful, and patient approach, Dorothy Madden helped transform my office from a cluttered unattractive area to a warm, functional, and inviting work space. Among the most valuable lessons I learned was how to establish a sound filing system that resulted in my always being able to find paperwork when I needed it and to instantly know what to do with it when it crossed my desk. Recently I made a job change and have been able to take the principles that Dorothy taught me to my new work. Working with Dorothy is one of the best investments I have ever made!"
Senior Associate Director

"The services of ORGANIZE IT! have made a big difference in my productivity on a daily basis. With Dorothy’s help, I was able to create a system that works for me. Four years later, I can still spend as little as thirty minutes a week and my office is back in order. Best of all, I can find things—following Dorothy’s good advice to 'make files, not piles!' I recommend her services every chance I get."
Vice President

"I really appreciate my filing system. Even when I don't file things for ages, I can file things quickly and can find them. It's just amazing, amazing! I appreciate your time and efforts with me. I should have done it years ago but now I have done it."
Business Owner

"Dorothy has worked with me at my home and my office during the last six months. She is sincere, enthusiastic, and persistent. What a difference being organized has made in the quality of my life!"

"Thank you so much for your guidance on organizing. You are truly a professional and a joy to work with."

"The time you saved me is immeasurable. I’m able to get a great deal more accomplished due to the organizational changes you made for me. I’ve implemented these changes throughout my company and the results are amazing! Without your help, it is doubtful our move to a paperless environment would have been as seamless or allowed us to identify potential pitfalls as easily. Our entire staff and I thank you."

"My office was out of control. Stacks of paper appeared in every available space. Dorothy interviewed me to understand all aspects of my business. Based on my needs, she was able to design my filing system, creating a place for each piece of paper. She also had many suggestions on how to keep track of project flow, new tasks, telephone call tracking etc. Together, we redesigned my work flow and process. This has resulted in a more controlled work environment. I no longer have to search through piles of paper to find something. Projects get done on time. Dorothy’s process changed my work flow achieving greater efficiency and giving me more time."
Certified Financial Planner

"Until paperless offices become a reality, every business person will be surrounded by overwhelming quantities of paper. For my office, Dorothy suggested practical solutions to daily time management and document organization. Now I have an organizational plan that will grow with my business and increase my productivity."

"Thank you for your assistance in regaining control over my office's organization. It has made the difference between completing objectives quickly and efficiently versus searching hours for a document to begin work!"

"When I started my business several years ago, I learned that setting up a home office was quite different than working within a corporate atmosphere. My office quickly became swamped with papers and piles of folders, making it difficult to find key information about prospects and clients. Your approach of education and practical advice was perfect for me. While I am considered quite organized by most people, you taught me additional principles that I use to this day to help keep my paperwork under control and the top of my desk clean. Applying what I learned from you has had the unexpected benefit of helping me organize other areas of my home that we didn't even address in our sessions. Thank you for doing what you do."
Business Owner

"I expected ORGANIZE IT! to help me be more systematic in operating my professional practice. I certainly got that, and then some. What I didn't expect is that I would carry the learning over to my everyday life and become more effective there too. I now view some of my formerly dreaded administrative tasks as kind of fun. Thanks Dorothy!"
Career Coach

"Dorothy Madden showed me how to prioritize and organize my space, my things, and my life. I now view the world differently, and have more time and a newfound sense of freedom. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to de-stress their life!"
Licensed Massage Therapist

"Working with Dorothy transformed my office and my life. She spent good quality time with me, not so much to take on the responsibility of organizing (although that was part of it), but to understand what was important to me. She got to know me well. This was really important to our success because she helped me to create an organizational system that met my needs--that worked for me! My whole attitude about being in my office--working alone or hosting others--changed dramatically! I used to be embarrassed. Now I am excited to have people come in. Frequently, I get comments about how warm and inviting the space is. I believe this is because Dorothy worked with me to organize my space in a way that honestly reflected who I am. Because I'm comfortable in my space, others are too. Working with Dorothy was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself!"

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the assistance you provided me concerning organizational matters. I thought the time spent was extremely worthwhile, and I use everyday the techniques you taught me. You provided me and my firm very good value, and we continue to enjoy the dividends of our affiliation with you."

"I am not one to ask for help very quickly, but I am certainly glad I engaged Dorothy Madden to get me on the right path. I no longer have an office that is controlling me. Rather, I am in control of it and can proudly show to others. Thank you so much for your help. It has had a lasting effect."

"Dorothy helped me organize my file cabinet by showing me how to create categories. I had always used a file cabinet only for financial information. Now I file everything in an orderly way. While clipping articles, I decide which category they go into. I also keep highlighters and scissors handy for convenient and faster filing, thanks to Dorothy."
Business Owner

"Thanks so much! I keep finding new places to organize. I may never get it all done but it sure is nice to have the tools now!"

"Our office has been transformed since ORGANIZE IT! re-organized it! Dorothy Madden evaluated our needs and suggested and implemented more efficient systems and procedures. The office operates more effectively and is more manageable. We have realized significant savings from more efficient operations. I highly recommend Dorothy’s services for any business or individual who wants to maximize their resources."
Executive Director

"In a world already filled with chaos, Dorothy created calm and helped me keep it that way. My office is still tidy and controlled and so are my activities!"
Investment Advisor

"I am so pleased with what I learned in our session last week. It’s hard to describe the difference it’s made already. It will take time to implement all you suggested, but I feel good about having a plan. Thank you!"
Business Owner

"I asked Dorothy to help me to make my home office more comfortable, inviting and organized. After our initial appointment I was inspired to finally tear it all apart and reconstruct it. What a beautiful site it is today. I am now more efficient and comfortable in my space. I’m sure it will show in my production as well. It feels so good. Thank you for your inspirations."
Financial Services Professional

"In keeping paper to a manageable level and managing time well, an attorney needs good work habits and systems in place. In achieving both of these at my office, ORGANIZE IT!’s one-on-one approach has been of considerable importance."

"Being a good coach, Dorothy Madden kept me focused, on track, and accountable. She brought an outside vision to my inner world. She helped me sort the important from the unimportant in my physical world, which brought clarity to my mental world."
Investment Advisor, CFP

"I have always had in mind that being more organized would allow me to be more productive. Since working with you, I'm able to find everything that I need at the drop of a hat. I feel more confident that I can work in an efficient manner and spend more time focusing on new business. I recommend you to anyone looking to get organized!"
Account Executive