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NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers

 NAPO Golden Circle


Residences Organized by Dorothy Madden

"Society tells us diamonds are forever. A better lifetime investment for me is Dorothy Madden. Her training has saved me time and given me freedom."

"Thank you for helping me clear the clutter from my home and my mind so that I could focus on a fresh start and embark on my job search. Your organizing tutelage was invaluable to me in getting my career going. You are an absolute gem, Dorothy. Thank you a million times for your help!"
Senior Consultant

"I kept promising myself that I’d get organized . . . someday. Now that Dorothy has helped me create systems, I may never be perfect at it, but I’m certainly more organized than I’ve ever been before in my entire life!"

"Dorothy Madden turned my crammed file drawers into a simple workable system. She gave me the 'push' to discard useless papers, making space for what I really need. I now know not only where to put things, but how to find them when I need them. I enjoy being organized!"
Retiree in a small apartment

"Having you here was the jump-start I needed to get organized. You got me thinking outside the box and that's going to make a big difference to me. I love the idea of turning my junk room into a crafting/sewing/ironing/wrapping room. I think I'll call it my studio! Bill paying is going much better. The files we created are working beautifully and I'm loving my new system. I feel much more on top of things! Thank you so much for your help! It's made a huge difference."
Business Owner

"I adore the filing system. It has changed my life!"

"I'm taking this opportunity to drop you a line about the exciting afternoon my family spent with you and your creative ideas. To say you made us feel so very comfortable is an understatement. Good luck to you for you are doing a great customer service and inspiring needed change. My daughter has given us wonderful gifts over the years, but this one ranks very near the top."
College District Retiree

"The financial system that Dorothy helped create four years ago is fabulous! Previously at tax time, I used to spend one week in an archeological dig, unearthing documents for my accountant. Now I can find everything in just one hour!"

"If being a mother of six doesn’t involve enough stress, the responsibilities of a business executive can. I am both, and at times, the insanity between the two can be mind-boggling! I decided to first enlist Dorothy to come to my house and work with me on organizing my personal files and finances. I was so impressed with the system we implemented that our next move was attacking my kitchen! After we were finished, I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of me. She offered helpful and insightful tips for maintaining the systematic organization that we had established. I am thrilled with the results and I highly recommend Dorothy’s services to anybody who is in need of some reorganization."
Senior Vice President, General Manager

"What Dorothy gave me was a beginning. She really got me started on a process of sorting and sifting, and gave me the confidence to realize that my family’s space could be orderly. Now our home is about thirty boxes lighter and more manageable to live in."

"I discovered Dorothy Madden through an article in the Brighton-Pittsford Post. I desperately needed an Organizer after my husband died. I left his closet untouched with mountains of records and memorabilia. Dorothy condensed fifteen years of neglect into a few hours of work. She gave me a new lease on life. Since that first meeting, Dorothy has organized other areas of my home. We have become friends as a result of the enormous help she provided. I can’t think of a better person to do the job she does."

"Although moving into a big new house was great, it was even greater to have someone with Dorothy Madden's expertise to work with me on organizing our home. The everyday tasks of meal preparation, bill management and the in and out of four young children have been made much easier with the right organization. We started with an assessment of how things should flow and then Dorothy worked hands-on with me to get things in their place. The kitchen is perfectly set up so that cooking and cleaning are done easily, with a minimum amount of time searching for things. When the kids enter the mudroom there is a place for their shoes, jackets and backpacks. In the office, each monthly bill has its own place. There is a place for coupons, phone calls and messages, and incoming and outgoing mail. It was a pleasure working with Dorothy. If you want to spend more time with your family and less time looking for things I highly recommend ORGANIZE IT!"

"With Dorothy Madden’s help, things are now stored out of sight and I can retrieve them when I want them. My home looks and feels great! If I file something away, I know exactly where to find it. Why keep it in piles when I can file it? I spent a considerable amount of money for me, but it was definitely worth it—being organized has really helped me relax."

"People don’t often address the issues of embarrassment, guilt, and low self-esteem associated with disorganization and its visible chaos, but those issues hang on your back like a monkey. Getting organized has enabled me to lighten up and feel tremendous relief. One small indication is that I can now invite friends to my home and entertain them at my formerly piled-high, unrecognizable, unusable dining room table that is now clutter-free!"

"Amidst our busy lives, my husband and I continue to use your ideas and solutions for containing our clutter. To our amazement, the bill-payment and filing systems that you developed nearly four years ago are still working beautifully. Your sorting system has helped me enormously at home as well as in the studio. I even borrowed your idea of using a briefcase for toting my art supplies and reading materials. You never know when inspiration is going to happen, but I'm organized and ready for it at a moments notice."

"Thank you for the direction you provided me and my family. It has been about two years now, and I now understand that organizing is truly a process that requires ongoing maintenance. With your help I’ve been able to rid myself of some unproductive, unused belongings that were needed and appreciated much more by others. I truly see myself as losing my emotional attachment to my junk, and have actually started to see more open and uncluttered space. One of my biggest benefits has been the reduction in stress that comes with 'knowing where it is' on a moment's notice. Thanks again. The lessons have not been lost."
Business Owner

"Dorothy helped get my space as close to normal as it has ever been in the past three years!"
Computer Chick

"Thank you so much for spending a few days getting me organized. I clearly needed it! The systems we created really work and I LOVE them! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 
Working-outside-the-home mommy of two adorable children